Monday, October 18, 2010

Jubilee Farm Dinner with Kristen Schumacher

Several weeks ago,  Kristen Schumacher asked if I would like to help her cater a dinner that eight guests had won at a Children's Hospital auction. Jubilee Farms would supply the produce and Kristen would offer her chef skills and talent in the kitchen. I love working with Kristen so of course I jumped at the chance to join her at the farm and in the kitchen. Below are photos from the farm and the dinner. Her gorgeous photos and post about the dinner can be found here.
Jubilee Farm, located in Carnation, WA

One of several different varieties of heirloom peppers

Kristen hunting for strawberries
Feeling nostalgic picking strawberries
Inspired by celeriac root! I had forgotten about this vegetable until I saw it busting through the soil.
The potato room
St. Jude albacore tuna, avocado aioli, grilled pineapple salsa on rice crackers
Jubilee Farm Asian greens, soft-boiled duck egg, fennel salted crouton, shaved pecorino, sherry vinaigrette
Sweet corn soup, Dungeness crab, tarragon oil
Watermelon granita, mint borage flowers
Crispy pork belly
Kristen of Heirloom adds the finishing sauce to the pork belly
Crispy pork belly, farro risotto, Jubilee farms roasted beets and sauteed chard
Jubilee Farm's strawberry, blackberry and hazelnut crisp with cinnamon scented marscapone

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you are a peach!! Love ya!