Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Be the Jellyfish

 I was waiting for the Orcas Island Ferry in early August and witnessed this stunning jellyfish, just off the shore. I took several photos of it just riding the currents and was instantly captivated at its ghostlike form. Mark reminded me that jellyfish are an example of one of the very first nervous systems, also known as a  Medusa. Jellyfish don't have a brain, they are simply a large jelly mass of nerves, going with the flow.

I spent a little bit of time on Orcas Island this summer preparing and then actually cooking for a gorgeous country-style wedding. An American marrying an New Zealander all the way over on Orcas. It was a magical weekend and the food wasn't too bad either. 

I snapped this picture for my darling Prunella


A cool "urban farmer" at a Slow Food meet-up introduced me to a new flavor I had never experienced before: Ground Cherries. They are these cute paper-wrapped fruit, looking like baby tomatillos, but tasting of perfume.

I snapped a quick picture of the "cow," a manual wine bottling contraption, while bottling the Elsom Cellars Lewis Vineyard Cabernet Rose. It's a very dry, Spanish style rose. 
Getting the Elsom bins ready for harvest. (Currently in full swing of harvest- more pics to come)

A peak into blending trials. Basically take a sample of all 70 Elsom Barrels and attempt to see which barrels should blend with which. Stir and taste. Repeat. There was one barrel of malbec that tasted just like curry.
I bought this wine because I thought it read "I'm Fine."A kind of, yes I'll buy this bottle and drink it like Alice in Wonderland. This bottle will make my troubles go away and make everything fine.   It actually reads, In Fine, which means "In the End," in Latin.   I think that's pretty funny. With this power of suggestion, I should start labeling everything; "Satisfying soup bowl," "Female power pea coat," "Deepest sleep comforter." Regardless, I think I'm on to something.