Friday, February 12, 2010

February is when I start dreaming of warmer weather

A fresh seafood salad, 80 degrees with a breeze and the feeling of heat from the sun on my face. Oh sun how I miss you.

This picture was in Fiji, near Rainbow Reef...already five years ago.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Team Hope

My dad has been battling brain cancer since he was diagnosed in September. Since then, I've done what I know to help, and that is to heal with food. His health has dramatically declined, but I'm not giving up hope. None of us are. Above is an image of my father standing on stage at the Seattle Symphony after we had the incredible chance to listen to the symphony while they rehearsed on stage. It was a gift for my father's 60th birthday in November. These past couple months I've been overwhelming busy moving into a 102 year-old house that Mark and I remodeled, busy working for a fantastic start-up company and busy helping my father battle cancer. When I am able, I'll be posting a few cancer fighting recipes with you all.  Next project is to plan a fundraiser for his medical bills. For friends, family or kind strangers who want to support my father prior to the event, I have a donation page called Team Hope where they can do that.