Sunday, April 3, 2011

And then...

Magalista Soap

When I looked at the date of my last post, I had conflicting emotions. First I thought to myself, whoa, it's been awhile, tangled with the feeling of really? That was just in January? 
Prunella is almost full grown, coming up on 8 months. The two blueberry bushes, named after my parents are starting to blossom and I'm feeling a great need to cut my hair.
My latest crush, Prunella
It's spring and my upcoming vacation has set me on a new time clock. It's called: it's time to get out of town and restart. Two delicious weeks in Belize cannot come soon enough.

Mauricio, Jody & I squished in a photo booth together at Taste!

I like change probably more than the average person. Last year was enough change for three lifetimes, and I should take it easy, but I'm not one to just sit and wait.
Call me impatient, overly eager, or just lucky, but I've found a great match career wise.

People know that I am an incredibly hard worker and it's nice to be truly needed at work. The kind of appreciation usually falls in the "thank god for those volunteers" kind of mentality. That is the kind of need I'm feeling now, so much so, that I have an intern helping me out. And you are fabulous Erich!
I'm on this kick to try and appreciate where I am in the present moment, not allowing my future self to critique everything.

Being present may be the most difficult thing to do. Not thinking of the future, not thinking of money and bills, appointments or feeling the need to keep up with friends and family. I think kids do this best, living in the moment that is. Can you imagine if you were able to preview your life at age 8 and see what was ahead? We'd all hop on trains and get the hell out of town.

And holy smokes I'm co-chair of Seattle Slow Food! "Well that didn't take long to get up to your elbows in this organization did it?" Nothing truer could have been spoken, said long time family friend and creator of Seattle Slow Food, Gerry Warren.
I'm honored and thrilled to be apart of this awesome organization, and my learning curve is STEEP. There is a mountain of work to be done as co-chair, more than a full time job, but like a shark that needs to move to stay alive, I'm definitely alive and on the move. The Mangalista soap in the above photo was given to me by the one and only, Heath Putnam. The man who brought over the Wooly Pigs from Austria. We had a very interesting dinner together at Serious Pie in Seattle, where we talked pig- slow pig and ideas to bring people and mangalista together. A butchering class? Make your own pancetta or bacon together? We shall see. Meanwhile, there is a lot of cooking and wine making to be done. Enough of this sitting around and day dreaming...