Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So much ahead

You know what is exciting? Holding an unread novel in your hands and knowing that you have an adventure awaiting you. That is finally what I am recognizing after several long months of living through some heavy stuff. 

I am not publishing a novel, but I have been living like I am reading from a script written by someone else. I'm  making amends with this passed year- a passed script that was written for me and am eagerly awaiting the new author of 2011. Fortunately I was given the first chapter to review and I like what I am reading.

It's been five months since my dad passed away and I feel like an entirely different person. It's not just because he isn't in my life any more and the pain that comes with that, it's in addition to everything else that has happened this year. Moving, new job, new job, new job. I realize that the job doesn't make the person, but what happens when you make the job? What happens then? Who makes the person then?

A little bit of inspiration is in order.

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