Monday, April 14, 2008

A Toast to Passport Weekend

If you were in Seattle on Saturday, or anywhere in Washington State for that matter , most likely you were smiling. It was finally a gorgeous day and in some places 80 degrees! All of us Seattlites were like happy lizards on hot rocks- thrilled to be drying out somewhere in the sun. I was lucky enough to be in the sunshine as well as tasting wine at Passport Weekend in Woodinville. The sold out two-day event was really nice. The wine highlight of the weekend was the 06' Cab Franc from Baer winery. It was a luscious red wine that among several wines that I tasted, stood out like a carved statue in a room full of boulders. I'd really like to see if it it can make a cameo in the next book. There were several other incredible wines at some incredible wineries, some tasty nibblies and fun people watching to be had. Who knew there would be so many limos in a business park full of winery warehouses? The other fun thing at Baer was the bluegrass band, the Tallboys who made the otherwise drab beige and concrete business park feel like we were all in a barn full of wine barrels out in the sticks.

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