Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Infamous Banana Crepes, Just in Time for Bastille Day

I took an after-school French class in 5th grade where we learned basic French words and learned about French culture, perhaps it was my foodie mind working at a young age, but now one of the only things I can remember from that class is my French teacher throwing a plush brie and a plush sausage link around the room asking us to throw it back shouting “La saucisse!” “Le fromage!” Not just because I am food-obsessed, but as today is Bastille Day I figured it would be appropriate to celebrate the food of France with my favorite French-inspired recipe, Banana Crepes. My mother made us these banana crepes one morning for breakfast and they were so memorable that we had to have them more and more. I took the recipe with me to college and made them for my college friends. To this day, on special occasions I still make it for them when were together.

Some cool history:

Bastille Day could also be known as the restaurant tribute day- a true foodie celebration! Restaurants in simpler forms have been around for ages, but restaurants as we know them now partially exist due to the French Revolution. When the monarchy was forced out, so were their chefs, or catering guilds, which led to several chefs setting up restaurants all over Paris. The word “restaurant” comes from the French word restaurer- or to restore, referring to a place where one goes to regain health. Therefore it only makes sense that Bastille Day in Paris brings people out into the streets to visit boulangeries, cafes, bistros and street vendors to celebrate French Revolution.

If you are not storming the streets in your town searching for French restaurants, crepe stands or beignet street vendors, you can celebrate the food of France at home with the infamous banana crepes recipe.

Bon Appetit!

Banana Crepes on Foodista

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