Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ghetto Pasta, My Brother Jesse's Cooking Show

My biggest cooking influence in my life is my mother. Her inventive cooking and taste for quality has not only affected my emotional opinions about food flavors, but learning to identify quality ingredients has also affected my brother, who I believe to be a true consumer of all the finer things in life. Instead of investing in culinary school however, Jesse takes his research on the road. Any time I am looking for Seattle's best burger, taco truck or finest cut of rib-eye, all I have to do is text my brother and he'll respond with at least five options for me. Besides knowing about all the greatest places to eat, good places to buy good ingredients, he can also make some mean barbecue, and he is hilariously funny.
Like anyone else, Jesse and I also have our moments when the need to satisfy hunger simply takes over anything creative, leading us to scanning the pantry and making something "that will do." I know all of us can think of a time when we've resorted to some wild creation, due to lack of time or ingredients on hand and made something ultra random. Like soup made out of leftovers or a microwaved plate of Chinese food next and yesterday's potato salad. Like many bachelors, Jesse has an abundance of condiments in his pantry and fridge, which can lead to some inventive creations. He started filming a cooking series with random bits and pieces in his kitchen. Here is the first of many, I hope! Ghetto Pasta Check it out!

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