Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back at the Herbfarm

I took a little time off from the Herbfarm in order to move, change jobs and help put on the IFBC. It's been the nuttiest April-May I can ever remember, all in very positive ways. I'm working for Foodista now, an online encyclopedia of all things food. It's a total blast and such a refreshing change from what I was doing previously. While needed work is being done to our new house, Mark and I are living with my brother, in Edmonds. New to us that is- it's a 101 year old house which means it thousands of dollars of repairs, but the cool thing is we get to work with good bones, a clean slate if you will. A kitchen design, all my own.Even as busy as I get, each time I go back to the Herbfarm, it's like walking onto a good friend's property, a neighborhood bar or a familiar elementary school playground. It's become a place that I feel at ease with, the heighten sensitivity of being "the new kid" has finally worn off and I can make my way around the chickens and pigs. I have gotten to know the place quite well, but there are still so many things that I need to learn.
We've gotten baby quail and buck-eyed chicks from the Midwest, their baby chirps make me think of early February when the teenage chicks were exactly that. Now, they're practically adults and fitting in quite nicely with the lady hens.

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Erin said...

hey, we should visit while you're up in our neck of the woods, umm..when you have a free moment that is...;)