Friday, March 13, 2009

Picnic on Phinney Ridge

Picnic, "a food and wine boutique" located on Phinney Ridge is a place you come back to.
Only opened since October, I can imagine they already have neighborhood regulars coming in to purchase bottles of wine and stacks of freshly sliced salami and cheese for personal picnics in front of Netflicks, or to take to Woodland park or to enjoy on a bench at Greenlake.

I recently stopped in for lunch to say hello to Jenny and Anson and introduce the place to my mom. We shared their beet salad with smokey Rogue blue cheese and hazelnuts, a pureed butternut squash soup and a thinly sliced salami and cheese sandwich with roasted red peppers. Everything was perfectly seasoned, made from scratch and healthy, not to mention delicious! We both had a cool glass of white wine from Washington made by a winemaker (name escapes me) who is specializing on growing vines from Spain in Eastern Washington and creating incredible wines.

Picnic is a great place for lunch and if you are running late and need to make dinner, stop by and pick up a bottle of wine and dinner to go. For example, they were offering braised short ribs and mash potatoes you re-heat at home. Or look online before you go, as they are always creating something new!

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