Thursday, March 19, 2009

Herb Farm Day 5-6, Planting Leeks, Building a Temporary Chicken Coop, Edible Weeds

The baby chicks are not chicks anymore, their teenagers. In their awkward teenage chicken stage, they still look more like big chicks then they do hens. Their necks and legs are longer and larger feathers have grown in covering much of their downy fluff. The cutest baby combs have appeared on their heads, like little pink tiaras, our little princess chicks. Because the chickens have grown so much, we had to move them from their temporary housing in the metal trough with the heat lamp, to another temporary coop in another greenhouse. Bill had an area reserved for the chicks, a metal cage that needed some chicken wire and hay. After doing a chicken coop remodel, we moved all 20 of the chicks in. They ran back and forth chasing after one another like tag. Bill and I stood over the coop watching them scurry for a little bit. How satisfying.

Winsome, another volunteer for the HerbFarm helped me plant three different types of leeks: Pandora, Tandora and one other that is escaping me right now. I also replanted some celery seedlings into larger pots. Parsley seedlings are just coming up and the baby greens are almost doubled in size since I saw them last. Also, learned about shot weed, a little leafy weed with white flowers. A weed no one likes but apparently is edible. More to come.

Shot Weed

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