Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Favorite Recipe from EAT & DRINK book 2 Morels with Duck Egg and Asparagus

Seattle's weather can be like a moody girl; one day it's all smiles and sunshine and then it's out of the blue cold and gloomy. Yes it's late August and it's raining...a lot. The very last thing I can think of is changing leaves and Halloween costumes (although I think about those all year round). I'm just not ready to wear scarves, I barely put them away, thanks to the frigid temperatures of June-uary. I'm thinking happiness and thinking sun.
Back in July, I made regular trips to the "Duck Egg Guy" at the Ballard Farmer's Market to get fresh duck eggs- if you haven't tried duck eggs, I invite you! One of my favorite recipes in book 2 of EAT & DRINK in the Northwest is the Soft Boiled Duck Egg with Morels and Asparagus with Parmesan Crostinis- I can't even take credit for it's deliciousness- the ingredients naturally put on their own show and we just get to enjoy. A little butter, a little salt and the richness of the duck egg yolk wrapped around the earthiness of fresh morels on a crunchy bite of Parmesan crostini is a show I could dream about again and again. All of these delicate and yet deep flavors all paired with Marcus Pape's suggestion of Raptor Ridge 2005 pinot noir and there would be nothing that could please me more. So, you are probably thinking- okay, but morels are going out of season- I say to you, my creative readers, guess what season is coming up!? Chanterelles! Bon Appetite!

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