Thursday, August 7, 2008

Endless List, Whiskey and Food Pairing Dinner and 2 Woodinville Wineries

Another busy weekend! Tomorrow night I am catering for 12 people who won a whiskey and food pairing dinner through the Seattle Works event. Myself and Ari, the Whiskey Master are taking the diners on a 5 whiskey and 5 course flavor adventure. I believe I am going to learn a ton myself!

<----(This silly whiskey picture just cracked me up, so I had to add it)

Saturday I will be at DiStefano winery representing EAT & DRINK in the Northwest from 10am-12pm and then heading over to Alexandria Nicole for another book event. If you are in the area- come on over and swirl and sip. I have written myself a reminder list of recent food adventures I currently was apart of: from grazing in lush, summer gardens smelling of tomato vines and ripe raspberries to BBQ'd lobsters made by Mark for our 4-year wedding anniversary.

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