Monday, January 20, 2014

Feeling Creative

Ruby Ann Peterman
So yeah... I've been busy! I made this little creative piece last year. June 29th to be exact. Ruby is definitely my best work so far ;).  She is six and a half months now and I'm feeling antsy and ready to add on my next challenge. There are some exciting things coming up for the One Night Only Project and I couldn't be happier to see where ONO 2014 takes Julien and I.

I'm ready for new music, lots of it. New beats, new musicians, and concerts. I recently traded in my old Djembe drum (serious hippy African drum that was fun at a lot of parties) for an acoustic guitar! So lessons are in my future. Plus I'm really in need of new inspirational music too.

With this new year, I'm looking for a new career change. I have my resume's out and I am trying to meet cool folks and hoping to make a good decision on where to plant myself for awhile. I'm looking to learn, use this creative energy and meet inspiring people. 

Other fun goals: Gardening, interior lighting, becoming a baby food making pro and traveling!

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