Sunday, January 20, 2013

A life in pictures from summer to winter 2012

Just a small selection of fun pics from last year...I'm sure I'll be adding to them as I find them.

I'm a proud owner of a clam gun.
Long Beach, WA 7 am Easter 2012 "Razor Clam Hunting"
Bull Whip Kelp
Mark and one of the first Razor Clams! 
We caught 19 Razor Clams in two Days
Family photo Long Beach WA
Green lake Celebrity
A romantic trip to Catalina Island, CA
Wrigley Botanical Garden on Catalina Island
My Birthday - We rented a Hot Tub boat! It was awesome.
On our way back from Katy's wedding, we indulged in Yakima's finest peaches
One of my best friend's wedding, Katy and Adam Christopulos!

Two of my favorite people in the world: Aunt Rae and Uncle Steve cruising around in his Chris Craft boat, Mambo

Prunella stretching at our campsite outside Yakima, WA in September

Having fun wine tasting in Zilla, WA I'm sporting a new dress

Hundreds of stacks of apple boxes lined up downtown Yakima

One of my favorite pics. Mark caught a fish within minutes of casting. Taken in September 

And here's one of them! What a hog!

One of the spaces Julien and I discovered while searching for spaces for the ONO Project.  Very Edward Scissor Hands. Not suitable for dinner, but cool.

Here's one of the spaces that we had  Mark Fuller's ONO dinner at- a winery spot in South Lake Union  August

A gorgeous picture of a dish from our first ONO project with Brandon Kirksey, June 

Some really fun heels that I bought. Took this at the office- October

Fermenting Cabernet with oak chips 
Mark and I crushing Cabernet Grapes with the 36th ave Winemakers September

Mark and I made fresh pasta in our kitchen...was pretty good!  Fall

At our Friendsgiving Party, we decided to roast TWO large birds. We ate turkey for weeks... November

Christmas Carols at the December Wine Bottling Party with the 36th ave winemakers

Making my mother's licorice caramels.... a Christmas Tradition

Prunella in her reindeer sweater and christmas lights!

One of the best ads/art pieces that I found in Pioneer Square.  November

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