Thursday, August 18, 2011

Heatless in Seattle- Random Thoughts in a Chilly Summer

There were some days that tried to feel like summer...sunset this past July at Gasworks Park on lake Union in Seattle

I read some reports that air conditioner sales were at an all time low in the northwest, while Oklahoma's air conditioning repairs were at an all time high. I don't need triple digit temperatures for months at a time, but when you live in Seattle, there is only three months when it's warm and sometimes sunny. Not this year though. I never put away my winter sweaters, and I often turned the heater on in my car. I'm holding out for September and October. 

I was telling my mom that if there were ever a year for it to be acceptable to be cold, this year would be the one. She's going through chemo and radiation for a cancer that will not quit, and she's been indoors and immobile most of the summer. No one is more ready for a change than her.  And then there is Prune...
Prunella dreaming of hot weather
Prunella ate most of the blueberries that ripened on our bushes this year

Sometimes when you cannot get sunshine, you need to find other means, like eating it! I've consumed my body weight in cherries this year, like all years I guess.
Last of the season's cherry harvest, bought from Pike Place this morning...not sure what to do with them. I better think of something fast before I eat them all one by one.

I'm trying to find other things to be happy about when times are tough and the weather is dull, like Spotify   I'm enjoying this awesome new music website and still learning how to navigate its waters. I'm trying very hard to enjoy the moment and stress less. Nasturtiums are blooming, I just paid my car off, and i splurged on going more blonde= more sunshine substitutes! Lastly, I'm loving the Head and the Heart and want to leave you with this magical video:


Erin said...

oh thanks for the intro to a cool band! I love em!

Melissa said...

You Bet Erin! Hope you are well!