Saturday, May 9, 2009

So much to say- so little time

Things in my life, to say the least are a bit nuts. I'm making myself little notes about all the things that I want to blog about when I actually have more time, but at the moment, I am stretched a bit thin and I only have time for notes in both words and pictures. When it rains- it pours as they say, and I feel like I am in a monsoon.
Mark and I bought a house- and because of the government loan that we have, it's a mess of hoops to jump through. I'm transitioning jobs, which is over the top exciting news!! BUT because we are moving- everything is on hold until we close- (May 22nd hopefully), I'm working on EAT & DRINK book 4 and lastly, apprenticing part time at the HerbFarm. I didn't mean to get this busy, it all kind of just happened.

The cutest fat robin at the HerbFarm watching over the lovage beds.French Breakfast Radishes, delicate, dainty and hot pink.The teenage chicks

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Erin said...

ooo, I'm so glad I read this to hear that you did in fact buy the house, how exciting! can't wait to see it! this means we have some house work/garden work to get to, yeh? ;)e