Thursday, January 29, 2009

Empty Bowls and Glasses

My dishwasher is filled with nothing but empty bowls, spoons and pint glasses. I'm doing a detox diet this week (first time ever!) and it is mostly smoothies, soups and coconut water. I figured a good, solid detox would do me some good, not just because of excess holiday leftovers, but making cookbooks paired with wine- well, you can imagine that sometimes too much of a good thing is too much. Plus, I've never challenged myself to go without caffeine and I wanted to know the effects. So far- now day 4, I don't have a headache anymore and I'm a lot less fatigued, and I have been sleeping like a stone. A friend of mine who told me she did the 10 day lemon water Master Cleanse, (not that mine is anything similar, but definitely bland) said that afterwards her palate was so sensitive, even a carrot tasted like sugar. I think it's only appropriate that I finish my detox by going to Bellingham for my friend Crystal's birthday, fittingly called "the Butter Bash." We will be making butter from fresh cream, having a large dinner- with butter likely and making our own butter molds! How I do love my artistic friends.

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